Why Factura HRMS?

Seize the opportunity to take your organization a step closer to success by optimizing cost, and making strategic people-oriented business decisions with Factura's HR and Payroll Software; an efficient, flexible and innovative system for small, medium and large organizations. Factura's HR and Payroll Software is easy to install, integrates seamlessly with third-party systems, takes minimal training time and reduces workload significantly. Manage recruitment, integration, transaction, and history with this pan-geographic, multi-lingual solution and keep all data stored efficiently in one place. Get timely notifications, enjoy features like assessment and appraisal, create memos, payslips and enable employees to participate in HR processes transparently with Factura's highly user-friendly softwares.

Factura HRMS Offers Your Organization a host of Benefits

Human Resource Management
Effective HR System which Manages employees from hiring through, performance & appraisal, training & skill administration, etc to exit scheduling.

Payroll Management
Accurately compute staff benefit, timesheets, and overtime and Manage union dues, cooperative contribution, surcharges.

Employee Self Service
Employees can access their full personal bio data & transactions history.

Automated Notifications
Automatically sends notification of pending transactions. Sends payslips to each staff at the end of every payroll run.

Exceptional Payroll Reporting
Real time access to both summary and detailed transactions and audit.

Available Online 24/7
Offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted platform.Requires no investment in infrastructure, server, databases.

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