Why Factura Contract?
Help your business reach the wide world without getting stuck in complex paper work and accounts keeping. Factura makes contract management a breeze by making contract lifecycle transparent, collaborative and clear. Factura’s Contract Software standardizes contract drafting and approval, giving you greater control and efficiency at every stage of the contract lifecycle. It further helps you manage the complete lifecycle of the contract and automates repeatable tasks. Save time and effort with easy search options, quick uploads, timely alerts, reminders, notifications and more with the highly user friendly and customizable Factura software that give your business an all-round cover for Contract Management even providing insight to help you make better decisions.

Factura Contract Offers

  • Greater efficiency at every stage of contract lifecycle.
  • Stay on top of autorenewals.
  • Centralized storage and tracking for greater visibility. By centralizing contract storage and offering advanced reporting capabilities, Factura Contract makes the entire contract lifecycle transparent, collaborative and clear.
  • Improved collaboration capabilities and robust access controls. Assign granular access rights by user or user group to ensure your contracts and associated data are secure while improving collaboration with centralized review process.
  • Cloud-based or on-premises deployments. Factura partners with the most secure hosting providers to reduce your cost and burden on your IT organization.

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