Why Factura CRM?
Improve Customer satisfaction, increase retention and grow sales exponentially with Factura’s CRM software - the strategic customer relationship management tool empowering your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support teams. Keep everything on the same page using a transparent system that’s fully customisable and extremely user friendly reducing training time to a minimum. A CRM system can do miracles for your business. It can make internal communication a breeze, it boosts productivity, makes way for increased deal conversion rates and keeps your customers happy. Factura offers 360-degree customer knowledge on a single platform, bringing phone, email, quotes, reports and all activity history available at one place giving your sales team to reduce its involvement in tedious processes while it focuses on what’s actually important – selling.


Account & Contact Management
Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.

Lead Management
Track your leads from click to close, while continually optimising your campaigns across every channel. Make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars.

Opportunities Management
Get a complete view of your team’s deals with Opportunity Management. See stage, products, competition, quotes, and more. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.

Quotation Management
Let sales reps select the right items for each customer, every time. Get consistent pricing and discounting -  and approvals when you need them - even as reps send out more quotes.

Reports & Analytics
Dashboards offer a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create. And access your reports and dashboards from anywhere.

Territory Management
Model your sales territories into a logical and flexible structure that maps the right sales reps to the right customers to maximise revenue.

Campaign Management
Engage your contacts with beautiful email that's effortless to build, target and send.

Intelligent Workflows
Automatically create leads and contacts from website form submissions

Get feedback from your customers and leads. Responses are tied to email addresses of your Customers.

Why Do You Need CRM ?

Keeping teams in-sync is hard
We know how hard it is to keep your marketing, sales and support teams organized, productive and in sync.

Your data is all over the place
Customer data and interactions scattered across many apps can hinder your team’s ability to collaborate, craft engaging customer experiences and grow revenue.

Why Factura CRM ?

Fast, simple configuration gives your business a custom CRM that provides everyone who faces the customer with the information and tools they need.

With Factura CRM’s low, predictable pricing, you can build a CRM system that supports your big ideas, instead of limiting them.

CRM solutions for your small business with our customization, configuration, integration and deployment features

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