HRnet Human Resource & Payroll Software

Net Systems HRNET is designed to serve as the foundation of an organization's human asset management strategy. HRNET delivers the extensive collaboration, self-service and reporting and analysis tools necessary for an organization to align their human resource management practices with their business objectives. By leveraging the HRNET application, an organization can capitalize on their human assets for a competitive advantage. HRNET enables an organization to extend administrative functions to their entire workforce, empower their employees to interact and manage day-to-day activities, and streamline their human resource management processes to provide a significant ROI and impact their bottom line. A Web-based HRMS solution, HRNET is a clear expression of supreme efficiency and reliable performance. Tightly integrating the organization's Human Resources, Payroll, Training & Appraisal functions, HRNET provides comprehensive administrative and workflow capabilities, as well as employee empowerment via employee and manager self-service.

Key Features

  • Manpower planning & Career Management
  • HR/Personnel Administration
  • Payroll/Benefits Management
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • eleave
  • Training Management
  • Staff Accommodation Management
  • Appraisals Management
  • Work flow Manager
  • Employee Self Service
  • Organization Chart
  • Government Relations
  • Recruitment

Employee Data Management

  • Profile
  • Contract
  • Contact
  • Documentation like passport, Visa etc.
  • Benefits & Accruals
  • Salary & Tax structures
  • Bank/Direct Deposit data
  • Dependents
  • Recorded Events
  • Medical Expenses
  • Education & Qualifications
  • Past Employment History
  • Employee History
  • Vacation/Leave Management
  • Medical Expenses Tracking
  • Management of Assets given to Employees
  • Audit trail for all changes to sensitive data
  • Five Standard Static Forms (without customization)
  • Over 35 standard HR reports
  • Tightly integrated with all other module