FAQ's. Why Choose Net Systems
My current employees needs the payroll information days before pay day, is this possible?
The technology used by Net Systems is so advanced that we are able to process your payroll at payday minus three days. Once you have accepted the changes you can process your payroll in just two hours.
I need my reports straight away, sometimes this is out of hours, how do I do this?
Unlike other providers, our powerful web based systems provide you with automated reports whenever you want them. You can access your reports 24/7. They run instantly and appear in your inbox. What's more you can specify the format, either pdf or Excel, and have reports dispatched to as many recipients as you like.
How many draft runs are included in your price?
You can run as many drafts as you need. No other solution provides unlimited draft runs like our solution.
I would like to provide on-line payslips is this possible?
Online payslips are available within all our payroll solutions. Other communications such as staff annual leave can also be incorporated into the payroll and on payslip.
My biggest problem is the mistakes made by people in my department. How do I know that outsourcing won't cause me more problems?
Our advanced technology imports information from your existing systems seamlessly into ours, eliminating the need for human intervention and possible error.
Will I still need someone in-house with payroll expertise?
With our Managed Payroll Services you will not need to keep a payroll professional in your organization. Simply appoint a member of staff who knows your business to be our point of contact.
Are there any hidden charges outside the price per payslip?
No, the price per payslip includes all your reporting and software upgrades.
What is your security and disaster recovery plan?
Our resilient platform is located within our premises with backup and disaster recover from our independent backup site (offsite) located at Dansoman. Our core systems are replicated to multiple servers, monitored 24/7 and constantly backed up.