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Factura Payroll

Payroll in Factura is easy to use and can handle all the functional, accounting and statutory requirements of the payroll department.

  • It is fully integrated with accounts to give you the benefits of simplified Payroll processing and accounting.
  • It has user defined classifications and sub-classifications for comprehensive reporting. This may be related to the employees, employee groups, pay components, departments etc.
  • It provides the facility to create user-defined earnings and deductions Pay Heads.
  • It allows flexible and User-definable criteria for simple or complex calculations.
  • It allows unlimited grouping of Payroll Masters.
  • It supports user-defined production units i.e. attendance/production/ time based remuneration units.
  • It provides a flexible payroll processing period.
  • It ensures an accurate & timely Salary Processing, Employees Statutory Deductions & Employer Statutory Contributions with the help of predefined processes.
  • It allows drill-down to voucher level for any kind of alteration.